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Find Old Friends

Find, Contact, and Reunite with Old Friends from your time at Worcester.

It's not always as easy as you think to stay in touch with friends after graduation. Even with your best efforts, if you move back home, start work, or go onto further study you can easily find yourself without the time to stay in contact with everyone that you intended to.

If this has happened to you, and you want to find that old friend then we can help you!

We can't give out the personal details of anyone on our database, but we can act as the messenger.

To find your friends:

  • Send us details of who you are, and who you would like to contact
  • Please include your course, the years you studied and as much information as you can about the person(s) you would like to contact
  • We'll post your listing on here and in the Spirit alumni magazine
  • We will pass along any messages that we receive

If you would like our assistance contacting people, or wish to respond to an old friend's request please contact us.

You can also join our facebook group and follow us on twitter

Can you help…

  • Robert Saffery is hoping to make contact with anyone who remembers his mother, Margaret Saffery (nee Inions), who studied here between 1951 and 1953. Robert would like to find out more about her time at college, and would be grateful of photos too.
  • Rosemary Chapman (nee Scattergood; Cert Ed, 1957) would like to make contact with Gloria Ford and Julie Sherwin (Cert Ed, 1955-1957)
  • James Rose (Economics 1995) would like to make contact with James Hayes (1992-1995)
  • Paul Baker (English and Lit Studies, 2002) would like to make contact with Rachel Healey (Lit Studies and Drama, 1999-2002)
  • Diane Burton (Infants’ Education, English, 1957) would like to make contact with Beryl and Tom Morgan (1955-1957)
  • Barry Evans (Maths, 1961) would like to make contact with anybody on third-year courses in 1960-1961
  • Caroline Evertt (nee Goyvaerts; Art and Design, 2006) would like to make contact with Rachel Lord (Art and Design, 2005-2007)